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Making memories and shaping History since 1971
The Historic Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center, commonly referred to as the Whispering Woods Hotel, is located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. It's known for its picturesque setting and Southern charm. Here are some key details about this historic establishment:

 History and Background
-Establishment: The hotel has been a significant landmark in Olive Branch for many years, often serving as a central venue for various events and gatherings.

-Architecture: The design and architecture of the hotel reflect traditional Southern styles, with a focus on comfort and hospitality.

 Features and Amenities
-Accommodation: The Whispering Woods Hotel offers a range of rooms and suites, designed to provide guests with a comfortable and relaxing stay.

-Conference Center: The facility includes a comprehensive conference center, making it a popular choice for business meetings, conferences, and other professional events.

-Banquet Halls: There are several banquet halls and meeting rooms, suitable for weddings, receptions, and other social events.

-Dining: The hotel often features on-site dining options that cater to a variety of tastes, highlighting Southern cuisine.

-Recreation: Guests can enjoy various recreational amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and walking trails.

-Community Hub: The hotel has long been a hub for the local community, hosting numerous events, from weddings to corporate meetings.

-Historical Importance: As a longstanding establishment, it holds a place in the historical narrative of Olive Branch, contributing to the town's cultural and social development.

-Olive Branch: Situated in Olive Branch, a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, the hotel benefits from a serene environment while still being close to the amenities and attractions of a major city.

The Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center continues to be a notable destination for travelers and locals alike, offering a blend of historical charm and modern conveniences.

Our Services & Offerings
- Free Wi-Fi access
- Cozy cafe & dining
- Catering for events
- Personalized customer assistance
- Pet-friendly environment
- Business support services
- Convenient parking
- Local newspaper highlights
- Outdoor Pool
- Laundry Facility 
- 24 Hour Shuttle
- Balcony in all rooms 
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